What is Baltic Pipe?


Baltic Pipe is a proposed gas-pipeline to be build on Danish territory from 2020 to 2022.

The purpose of the project is to strengthen the European fossilgas-supply, by establishing a connection between the Norwegian gas-fields and Poland.

Among the plans are 385 km of off-shore pipelines,
230 km on-shore pipelines, as well as the construction of a compressor-station an hour from Copenhagen.

Why 'No Thanks' to Baltic Pipe?

The 2 billion euro project is one of many European investments in the continued use of fossil energy, right when a phaseout is needed the most.

Fossil-gas consists mainly of methane, a greenhouse-gas more than 80 times as potent as CO2.

By building new fossil-infrastructure, we risk locking ourselves to a continued use of fossil fuels, and making the transition to a renewable energy-system impossible.

The phase-in of gas is a major threat, and if the politicians aren’t willing to challenge it, we must take action into our own hands!

Join the campaign!

There are many ways to join the campaign against Baltic Pipe and new gas infrastructure!

Spread the word!

Share it in your networks, do info-events, hand out leaflets or write pieces for your local newspapers!

Take action!

by organizing demonstrations, doing street-theater, banner-drops or civil disobedience!

Be creative!

A gas-themed dance party, a peoples kitchen with a film-viewing, the possibilities are endless!

Whether you’re doing demonstrations, info-events or something completely different, share it with us!

What is 'Baltic Pipe Nej Tak!'?

‘Baltic Pipe Nej Tak!’ (‘Baltic Pipe No Thanks!’) is a campaign platform for the wide movement against new fossil infrastructure, and specifically against the construction of the gas-pipeline Baltic Pipe.

‘Baltic Pipe Nej Tak!’ isn’t an organisation with members, but a campaign which any group (or individual) can join, as well as a slogan to be used for organizing meetings or info-events, as well as non-violent demonstrations and actions. We encourage people to spread the word about Baltic Pipe, and act under their own banners, but you are very welcome to refer to ‘Baltic Pipe Nej Tak!’

The campaign has no official spokespeople. Anyone speaking with press must do so either through their own organisations or as supporters of the campaign, not on behalf of it.